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Allow Me To Introduce Myself:

My name is illsay and this is my story: http://illsays.tumblr.com/post/907712119/beauty-is-skin-deep-but-therapy-bills-are-expensive

When I first started this blog I never expected so much support from everyone who follows this blog. When I started this blog I set out to inspire and show women out there that being a big girl is not a limitation that women can be beautiful and fashionable at any size. In just a couple of months this blog along with all the beautiful bold and confident women who follow and contribute have inspired ME in so many ways.

I have said thanks to all the followers before but this time I wanted to send a personal thanks to all the big beautiful women and also the men that love them that follow this blog. You are all an inspiration in your own beautiful way.

Thank You for following. Thank You for being an inspiration. Thank You.

Fall In Love with YOURSELF!


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