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It’s Valentine’s Day and the only Valentine’s Day related thing I will share with you is the Valentine’s Day release of Egolies new video for their song King Tonight To Carolina. This song was written by the lead singer of the band for his beautiful wife Carolina. Check it out. It’s the sweetest thing.

The music video for Latin pop singer Dario Benitez that I worked on is finally out! I was the assistant stylist to the amazing celebrity stylist Antonio Vega and had so much fun bringing to life Dario’s and Antonio’s concept for the video. Head over to his Faceboook Page and show some LIKE love!

PS. Check me out in the video in all my chubby glory in the party scenes around the 3:04 mark.


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The Gossip ‘Move In The Right Direction’

Music Monday: Pharoahe Monch featuring Miss Jill Scott “Still Standing”

Miss Etta James (1938-2012) May your soul rest in eternal peace.

Miss Etta James (1938-2012) May your soul rest in eternal peace.


The last few post on Full Figured Potential have all been beautiful and talented musicians and to keep going with that theme Full Figured Potential brings you an interview with New Orleans female hip-hop duo planeJANE. They took time to talk to us about everything from their very beginnings to fashion, to body acceptance and good music.

FFP:Who is planeJANE? I know BZY was a solo artist for a while so how did the universe unite the both of you?
December: planeJANE is collectively December & Bzy together. I first met Bzy through a mutual producer in New Orleans. We collabed on a song and from there decided to do a project together, we eventually became a group
BZY:Yup its really a blessing. Its like the universe had us in the same place at the same time. The producer, Cracktracks had given me a track “Apollonia” and told me that D.C. (thats what I call December) wanted to work and at first i wasnt feeling it but after writing the hook I wanted a female with a higher voice and thought of her. Our 1st session together took FOREVERRRRRR but the result was breath taking./At first we just discussed to do a project together but after we traveled to CT for “Bombfest” music festival we decided to make it official as a group. Now here we are

FFP:You guys are far from ‘Plain’ so where did the name planeJANE come from?
December:The name came from a discussion we were having while writing to super sonic’s instrumental. We were saying how we didn’t want to be an ordinary group you know ”Plain Janes”. We then took that and made it a little more swagged out by changing the plain into plane.
BZY:Yup, we had just ate Jamaican food and we were writing and me being random said we should come up with a name, I thought of planeJANE and DC had the cool idea to change the spelling. The name sounded perfect so we ran with it.

FFP:Both of you have very different personal styles. How would each of you describe your personal style?
December:I love fashion but style even more. See, fashion is more of a fad while style is effortless and eternal. I study fashion dos and donts to stay current and tailor it to my liking. What is my style? Well I guess you’ll just have to keep watching.
BZY:Clothes on clothes on clothes, shoes on shoes on shoes. I LOVE FASHION. I have a thing for watches and glasses. Swatches, otm, M. Kors,Gshock, to vintage watches I got them. Oakley, Gucci, to thrift store glasses you name it and I got it. I love accessories period. I wear what I want, depends on my feeling but you can catch me in something vintage or a cool tee. I like to keep it neat, im very clean cut but I wear it all.

FFP:How do you guys fuse your individual styles and inspirations collectively into planeJANE?
December: We fuze our creativity together by having “good” ears for music and then coming into an agreement about what sounds work.
BZY:It’s weird bc DC and I are NOTHING alike; however, it naturally works. Its like our styles and sound compliment each other. Thats what makes us, planejane. like a yin and a yang

FFP:December, you come across as very soft spoken and have this southern belle lady like aura to you but your flow and delivery are the opposite, quick and energetic. How did you develop your musical style?
December:I developed my music style by appreciating the music I grew up around called “new orleans bounce” music. It’s about being aggressive and most of the lyrics are quick and choppy. Because I love Soul music I was able to balance and my flow so that it wouldn’t be overwhelming, It’s just right, kind of like gumbo lol.

FFP:Now BZY, I’ve seen #BlessTheAssGods come up a lot in your tweets and fans sending you messages about a specific pair of shorts you wore during a show. Haha Can you explain what #BlessTheAssGods means? And how important is it for you to embrace and celebrate your curves?
BZY:HA yo me tweeps will not let go of those shorts huh. Got to love it ha, but I embrace me! I LOVE MY CURVES. Who wants a bone besides a dog (no offense DC ha), but its very important for me to represent for the ladies of curves bc the world for so long has had the stero type that it isnt cool. I want to get women confidence that are not size zeros and to show them look at me! I’m beautiful im confident, i have self esteem and i embrace my curves. All about the empowerment of our women, hell why noot, WE ARE QUEENS.Besides whats better than a little hips and ass? As for the ass gods, ha don’t listen to me with my foolishness *laughs* naw but i embrace my curves and love it, that’s all it is. You know everyone hasn’t been blessed by these gods ya know ha

FFP:Aside from music you guys are involved in fashion as well with your planeJANE Clothes & Co. What was the inspiration behind that?
December:The inspiration was wearing something WE felt compfortable and stylish in while getting our name around. Being able to style on em while promoting.
BZY:The crazy thing is people KILL OUR CLOTHING COMPANY’S NAME. It’s plane Clothes&Co. Before planeJANE I was solo and had released over 300 “bzy bee” shirts that spread like wildfire. Once planeJANE came into the picture we took the same concept and expanded it then next thing you know we had crew-necks, beanies and all type of things. Its a blessing because every apparel we have released has sold out. Speaking of apparel “road to royalty” winter release drops this December! WE GOT TO GET SOME GEAR TO L.A.

FFP:I also happen know you guys have been working hard on a new EP. How was the process of working on that and when can we expect it?
December:Because at the moment we both live in different cities we had to choose tracks that we liked and wrote to them seperately. Because we’re so in tune with each other by God’s will we were always on one accord when we presented the songs to eachother. That was the hard part supposedly but it really wasn’t a biggie, ya know. We then came together to record in Atlanta a studio Dope 14 where the EP became executive produced by Devin formerly known as Artyst. Yep, The prelude to Royalty was conceived. The Ep should be expected in the mid or end of November.
BZY:Man oncence again, our chemistry is INCREDIBLE. Thats why I love working with DC so much. We really click with this music. We did one track while out of town and decided to do it together so this past week DC flew to me and we recorded the entire project in 3DAYS! We pushed what is known as the “limit” , raised the bar with our sound and actually came up well branded our sound. You guys are going to be pleased with this Ep, I did my thing and DC showed her ass so I’m happy with the result and nothing better than to share it with my sister /. son son DC ha.

FFP:So the new EP is coming soon what else can we expect to see from planeJANE in the near future?
December:You can expect us to be featured on some major collabs, a record deal, touring, new music, new apparel, sponsorship…..yeah etc. The Big Bang is what you can expect. The Blowing and upcoming of planeJANE.
BZY:ha WORD. We are mos def blessed. Just finished a major interview and have a lot of announcements etc to be released soon. BIG SHIT POPPING!!!!!!!

Clothing item you have in heavy rotation right now?
December:hmmmm, a lot of cotton tights, cute destroyed denim jeans, loose tanks, and fashionable sweaters, with toms *shrugs*.
BZY:Doc Marten boots, vintage denim jacket, and my clip on earrings from my grandmother and great-grandmother ha as weird as that sounds they gave me some crazy jewelry and makeup. Oh and My umbro jackets, word to Tot

Sneakers of pumps?
December:Pumps definitely. I wish I could walk in them a bit longer though. Jeffrey Campbells will DO though ;-)
BZY:I dont wear sneakers really. The closest thing I have is chucks if that counts and i dont really wear those. As for pumps I hate cheap heels. I love my Jimmy Choos though, just copped two pair, call em my “secret weapons” BOW lol

Most played artist on your ipod?
December:hmmm, Pandora on my iphone…… Anita Baker, Beyonce, and Jay Z’s station.
BZY:I have to go with Pandora too, my dancehall, Natasha Bedinfield and Creed stations give me life, oh and Rakim….lil kim too!

Fashion icon?
December:Me? Yes! Ha haaaaaa.
BZY:hahahahahaha they love my style; however I’ll go with JENNI KAYNE! I love her! Her clothing is my style to the bone. Tell Jenni i said “hey” she lives in Cali ha

FFP:Thank you guys for taking time to chat with Full Figured Potential. Lastly how can everyone find your music, buy your clothes and get in touch with you guys?
December:Log on to www.theplanejane.tumblr.com and all of your questions will be answered….. *looks away in a creepy mannner*.
BZY:ha yup tell a friend to log on like DC said and follow us on twitter @theplanejane (@itsbzy @DecemberReady).
OH and kudos to the entire staff at Full Figured Potential! Much love from planeJANE to you all. We cannot wait to hit L.A., heard the men are out O_o ha naw but seriously thanks for the time we are grateful and stay tuned for our upcoming ep, “The prelude royalty” dropping within the month and to tell a friend to tell a friend about us. oh AND NEVER LET ANYONE TELL YOU WHAT YOU CAN OR CANNOT DO, WITH GOD, FAITH, HARD WORK AND PERSISTENCE, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

There is no doubt that these two are some of the most dedicated and hard working ladies in the indie hip-hop scene. Check out their blog for free music and more planeJANE and. Keep your eyes and ears open for planeJANE! Don’t say I didn’t put you on.


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Jill Scott feat. Paul in the sexy new video for ‘So Gone (What My Mind Says)’ off her latest album Light Of The Sun.

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